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All my images are available as Canvas wraps
Box prints
Photo blocks
Matted prints
Mounted prints
Laminated prints
Standard prints
Greeting cards

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March 2011 - newsletter

Hi everyone.

This is a special newsletter in which I would like to announce the launch of my new photography workshop and holiday service:

Starting this year I am offering a range of photography workshops and holidays primarily in the beautiful diverse country of Slovenia, but also in England and Ireland.

I learned photography by studying the basics first and then getting out there, travelling and taking photos. There is no better way to learn photography than to get out there and take pictures. And what better way is there to learn than by heading abroad and being inspired by a new way of life, stunning scenery and colourful people? At Photography Workshops and Holidays Abroad the aim is to arm you with everything you need to know to get the best from your camera first, then send you off on a holiday to try out your newfound skills.

By working with local tourist agencies I am able to offer a combination of workshop and holiday, or you can simply take one or the other.


Just bought your first digital SLR? Or maybe you are having trouble understanding the complexities of your compact? I offer a full day workshop for beginners and people wishing to learn more about their digital SLR, or who want to get more from their digital compact camera. Starting with the basic principles of photography and light, I will take you on a tour of your camera and show you how to take it off auto and take control yourself.

What you will learn:

  • The basic principles of how a camera takes a photo
  • Understanding of shutter speed, aperture, ISO and white balance
  • How to use the camera's light meter
  • How to create background blur in your portrait and close-up photographs, or isolate objects from the background to make them stand out more
  • To get detail in your landscape shots
  • How to make sure your subject is sharp by controlling autofocus
  • How blurring can occur due to camera-shake or movement and ways to prevent this
  • How to create blur or motion in a photo when required
  • How to use Exposure Compensation and what effects it has
  • When shooting in manual mode can help
  • How to shoot moving objects and keep them in focus
  • Understanding the technical aspects of a digital image, resolution, pixel count, JPEG
  • What is RAW and why you should always shoot in this format
  • Composing your images for the best shots

Workshops are usually conducted in one day, on a Friday or Saturday, but may also be on other days depending on the group. In some cases they may be split over a couple of weeks if the group prefers. Workshops are available on a regular basis in Bled and Ljubljana, Slovenia.

Some upcoming dates:

  • Fri 15th April
  • Sat 16th April
  • Fri 13th May
  • Sat 14th May

Other dates also available, so please contact me with the dates you have in mind.

Group bookings:

  • I will travel for a group booking of at least 10 people, so contact me if you have a group interested.

One to tuition on an hourly basis

One to one tuition is available for those who want my undivided attention or simply want answers to the questions they have.

I also offer on location one day workshops, for those who already understand the basics and just want to get out there and start shooting. Workshops are available in Lake Bohinj and other upcoming locations.

In the Slovenian karst region of the west are a number of seasonal lakes, the most famous being Cerknica, but there are also the lesser known Pivka Lakes. When these lakes fill up, normally in December, they make superb photographic locations for landscapes and reflections. Workshops are available here in December.

Upcoming workshops

  • Fri 2nd Dec (evening) (Arriving at 2.00pm (leaving Ljubljana at 1.00pm))
  • Sat 3rd Dec (morning) (Arriving at 6.00am (leaving Ljubljana at 5.00am))
  • Fri 9th Dec (evening) (Arriving at 2.00pm (leaving Ljubljana at 1.00pm))
  • Sat 10th Dec (morning) (Arriving at 6.00am (leaving Ljubljana at 5.00am))

Click here for more info

The jewel of the Alpine region, Lake Bohinj is a photographer's paradise. Spring is a great time to photograph this place so morning and evening workshops are available.

Upcoming workshops

  • Fri 8th April (evening) (Arriving at 5.00pm (leaving Ljubljana at 4.00pm))
  • Sat 9th (morning) (Arriving at 5.00am (leaving Ljubljana at 4.00am))

Click here for more info

For more info visit our workshops page.


As a photographer I can tell you that the best way to explore a landscape and photograph it is to travel slowly. This way you can be alert for the many photographic opportunities that present themselves when you least expect it. By working with local travel agencies, I am able to offer a range of guided and self-guided holidays in each country. In Slovenia I have teamed up with an agency in Bled to bring you a range of walking and cycling holidays that will take you into some of the most stunning landscapes this side of the Alps. Slovenia is small, so walking and cycling are the best way to get around, as it will take you slowly through the landscape so you can take your time to look for photographic opportunities, and stop wherever you want to take a photo. The self-guided holidays come with full support and all accommodation booked for you, and luggage transfer between hotels, so all you need to do each day is pack your camera and equipment and hiking boots. For more info visit our holidays page.

Walking Holidays in Slovenia

There are four different walking holidays available.
Click here to see the list
Cycling Holidays in Slovenia

There are six different cycling holidays available.
Click here to the list

For more information please visit the website:

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