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All my images are available as Canvas wraps
Box prints
Photo blocks
Matted prints
Mounted prints
Laminated prints
Standard prints
Greeting cards

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Oct - Dec 2007 - newsletter

Hi everyone.

Latest galleries are as follows:

Halloween Fireworks in Wexford Town, Ireland.

Halloween was originally a Celtic pagan festival called Samhain. It was a time when the Celts believed that the spiritual and the physical world came closest together and the doors between these two worlds would open. On Samhain Eve the fairies would enter into the physical world and play tricks on the people. This has evolved into the modern day version of trick or treat. Fire was an important part of the rituals, and still is today in Ireland. But most places set off fireworks. In Wexford town, in the southeast corner of Ireland, they put on a fireworks extravaganza every year.

View photos here

For more information on the Celtic origins of Halloween listen to my interviews on Irish radio stations here:

Also, check out my travel guide to ancient and sacred Ireland which covers this and much more of Ireland's legend and folklore.
Mysterious World: Ireland

Wexford Coast

The long stretches of golden sandy beaches that flank Wexford town are among some of the most beautiful in the world. To the north is Curracloe Beach, made famous as the location for the filming of the opening scenes to Saving Private Ryan, and the beaches of Blackwater. A recent photoshoot has provided some stunning landscape images.
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A journey through France heading back to UK was quick, but I did manage to fire off a couple of shots while waiting for the ferry.
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Sacred Stones
Check out this great new book that features many of my photographs

Authored by Gene Kangas, Art Professor Emeritus

Following two years of research spanning the globe, the new book SACRED STONES is now available.  SACRED STONES features an intriguing array of ancient stone carvings located in prehistoric sites as well as personalized sculpted stones found in more recent cemeteries. Monuments highlighted in the book are stone sculptures that are unique, expressive and timeless. They reflect their particular time and place in world history. Each also permanently embodies qualities of the culture and geographical area where it originated.


The time period of the book’s survey begins with the earliest large-scale primeval and primitive public works to the present. That means puzzling megalithic environments like Stonehenge are visually juxtaposed against purely sentimental and sometimes whimsical expressions created in modern eras. Images of precious stone pets to awesome pyramids illustrate the vast diversity and similarity of thinking, cultures and beliefs held throughout time. This photographic survey also includes enduring examples of primordial cave paintings, petroglyphs and geoglyphs.

SACRED STONES is a soft bound 8 ½ by 11-inch book 208 pages in length. It abounds with hundreds of intriguing black and white photographs provided by over ninety professional and amateur photographers from around the world. Approximately fifty countries worldwide are represented by images chosen from nearly 1,000 photographs. SACRED STONES was published in a limited edition of just 2,000 copies.

How to Order. You may order one or more autographed copies for $20.00 US plus $5.00 shipping and handling per copy by using the convenience of Pay Pal ( or snail mail the attached sheet with your check. SACRED STONES will make excellent holiday gifts.

Gene Kangas

P.O. Box 609
Painesville, Ohio USA 44077


Following on from my two new agencies, Alamy and Travel Images, I have now signed up with a brand new photo agency.

Photoshelter launched at the beginning of November and aims to change the face of stock photography. Check out the site, along with my collection that has been hand picked by their team of editors. More will be added over time.


All images are available for immediate licensing and high res versions can be delivered immediately.

Merry Xmas and happy new year.

Ian Middleton

Travel Writer & Photographer

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