All my images are available as Canvas wraps
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Photo blocks
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All my images are available as Canvas wraps
Box prints
Photo blocks
Matted prints
Mounted prints
Laminated prints
Standard prints
Greeting cards

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My photography blog

I Have a great Camera!

“Beautiful photos, you must have a great camera!” is the inevitable sentence that I, as a photographer, often hear. And it’s true, I do have a great camera. And being a professional dslr camera that has spent years studying photography, practising at every opportunity to improve its skills and develop an eye for a great shot, it can produce some superb photos;
but it certainly makes its owner work hard.

When my camera wants to take some great photos, it wakes me up one or more hours before dawn and makes me drive all the way to a location that it had previously made me drive around several times, just so it could study the area and find the best point of view from which to photograph it. The camera then proceeds to make me wait around in the freezing cold for the right light and conditions to appear as the dawn breaks and sun rises.

Should these conditions not appear on this particular morning, the camera allows me to return home for breakfast. The whole process is repeated on other days until the perfect conditions appear and it manages to get just the right photo that it had in mind. And when that magic moment happens, the camera then tells me how to set the aperture, shutter speed and ISO so I will achieve the perfect exposure, and then tells me the exact time to press that shutter button.

And if that isn’t enough, it also cunningly plans to force me to return to the same location at different times of the year and in different weather, so it can get a variety of pictures.



For this photo the camera made me get up at 3am to get to the location, and then freeze my backside off in the mist so I could not only catch the moment when Jupiter and Venus lined up with the setting moon at dawn, but also walk around to find the right viewpoint.

And that's not all:
After a successful shoot, back home the camera has me connect it to the computer and sit and wait while it spends hours editing and processing the images from its shoot, zooms and scans each image for dust spots, before uploading to all the photo agencies and my own website.

During the day the camera continually makes me spend hours studying maps, moon and sun rise and set times at different times of the year and then drive around in search of these many different locations looking for the best viewpoints. All this so it can plan future morning or evening photo shoots. Sometimes the camera spends my money travelling all over the country or around other countries to get great photos.

But as you can see by the photos, it's a great camera. Of course, a camera like this doesn’t come cheap. So if you would like to hire my camera for the day (along with its very tired owner), or buy one its photos, then please look at my websites for prices:



Another dawn shoot timed for the spring rapeseed and full moon setting in the right place. The camera made sure I didn't miss this, or else it would have had to wait another year!
Lake Bohinj in Winter Lake Bohinj in Spring And the camera even wants to go out during storms over Lake Bohinj
Saint Margaret's Bay at sunrise, after having to clamber over wet rocks in near darkness to be ready at this spot.   A chilly evening waiting for the moon to move into the right spot above the rock arch


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